Historical Cost Principle Definition – Methods

Historical Cost Principle Definition

  Overview Accounting ideas and traditions as utilized in bookkeeping are the standards and rules by which the bookkeeper lives. The historical cost accounting tradition is an accounting method that values an asset for monetary record purposes at the cost paid for the asset at the season of its obtaining.  Historical cost accounting is the circumstance … Read more

Advantages of Costing Techniques

Why is Fraud Analytic is Important?

  Costing is an indispensable part of an organisation which determines the profitability and sustainability of the company. In today’s business world when competition is at the top, the business has to take additional care in fixing the cost of its goods and services.  Advantages of Cost Techniques – Features Features – Advantages  Given below … Read more

Cost Accounting Easy Definition

OVERVIEW  Cost accounting is entirely different from financial accounting.  The main purpose of cost accounting is to analyse the cost of a product and take it to the minimum level.  For that, every costing department prepares a cost sheet whereas financial accounting includes financial statements like balance sheets, cash flow statements and others to help … Read more