Why is Fraud Analytic Important?

    Why is Fraud Analytics Important? Why is Fraud Analytics Important? Irregular exchanges, substantial cash exchanges and mistaken bookkeeping articulations are exercises that may create a risk to a company.  Regardless of whether found as a major aspect of a yearly financial audit or by concerned employees, these exercises may be sufficient to trigger … Read more

what are the benefits of an audit?

what are the benefits of an audit?

what are the benefits of an audit?  What may be an audit is a matter of concern for a long ago. Different writers have given different definitions notably those that specialize in audits, books, vouchers and monetary transactions. As per the rules, an audit is an organised examination and evaluation of financial data. With regards … Read more

Is GST The Same As VAT

  Is GST The Same As VAT In India, the need for Goods and Service Tax (GST) had been felt long ago in order to eliminate the burden of numerous taxes and domination of tax inspectors on businesses and industries. Therefore, the Indian government passed this act on 29th March 2017 which was implemented on 1st … Read more

What is a feasibility study example?

What is a feasibility study example? – Meaning A feasibility report is a statement that undertakes to make a form of activity. Feasibility reports are made to affect the decision makers to pick between accessible alternatives. Keep in mind that your choice isn’t just a single, the decision makers will most likely have numerous to … Read more

What are the three types of audit?

What is Audit – Types of Audit An audit is a method of efficient and freedom review and examination of Financial Statements (Balance sheets),  Management Accounts, Management Reports, Accounting Records, Operational Reports, Revenues Reports, Expenses Reports and so on.  The consequence of the review and examination will be accounted for by the investors of the … Read more

Advantages of Costing Techniques

Why is Fraud Analytic is Important?

  Costing is an indispensable part of an organisation which determines the profitability and sustainability of the company. In today’s business world when competition is at the top, the business has to take additional care in fixing the cost of its goods and services.  Advantages of Cost Techniques – Features Features – Advantages  Given below … Read more

Cost Accounting Easy Definition

OVERVIEW  Cost accounting is entirely different from financial accounting.  The main purpose of cost accounting is to analyse the cost of a product and take it to the minimum level.  For that, every costing department prepares a cost sheet whereas financial accounting includes financial statements like balance sheets, cash flow statements and others to help … Read more

What is Investment for Example

  Overview One of your planning objectives might be to have additional money that isn’t gone through during the month.  You might aggregate this additional money to spend on something important inside the year without straying into the red – for things like other furnishings or devices.  For this, you need to amass your money in an … Read more

What is Goodwill on Balance Sheet

What is Goodwill on Balance Sheet

Explain What is Balance Sheet Assets and Liabilities  Overview What is goodwill on the balance sheet is of utmost importance to help investors make their investment decisions by analysing the assets and liabilities of the company. A balance sheet is the most important part of accounting. It is very useful for management. creditors and investors … Read more