Income Tax Accounting – Meaning

What is the income tax accounting? The fundamental accounting for income tax is to perceive tax liabilities for estimated income taxes payable and decide the tax cost for the present period. Before diving further into the income taxes theme, we should clear up a few ideas that are basic to understanding the related income tax accounting. The … Read more

Is GST The Same As VAT

  Is GST The Same As VAT In India, the need for Goods and Service Tax (GST) had been felt long ago in order to eliminate the burden of numerous taxes and domination of tax inspectors on businesses and industries. Therefore, the Indian government passed this act on 29th March 2017 which was implemented on 1st … Read more

Resume for Tax Accountant

Overview  Tax accountant’s duties and responsibilities are to apply local and federal laws, rules and regulations tax accountants must be specialists in rules, regulations and statutes.  Tax accountants provide both individual and company tax-related services including periodical filing of tax returns to the concerned tax authorities. Tax Accountant Importance in Business – Resume Tax accountant … Read more

What type of account is tax?

Overview Tax accountants are responsible for fulfilling all tax-related requirements and preparing tax returns for the concerned government departments and tax authorities, however, this by itself doesn’t uncover the wide scope of services they give.  The speciality district of tax accounting incorporates administrations that keep running from the essential status of individual returns to significantly … Read more