forensic investigation definition – In Detail

Forensic Investigation Definition  The forensic investigation covers a wide range of exercises, with wording not entirely characterized by administrative direction. By and large, the term ‘forensic bookkeeping’ is utilized to portray the wide scope of analytical work that bookkeepers could be approached to perform.   The work would ordinarily include an investigation into the financial … Read more

Is Fidelity a Fiduciary (Definition and Usefulness)

   Is Fidelity a Fiduciary A fiduciary is an individual or firm going about as the money-related delegate of a trust, estate, conservatorship or guardianship. Trustees are committed to dealing with a customer’s money-related issues in a reasonable and moral way to secure the customer’s advantages, so a fiduciary should dependably act to the customer’s … Read more

What Does Money Laundering Mean – Examples, Preventions

  What Does Money Laundering Mean In the least difficult terms, money laundering includes the exchange of illegally acquired money into a legitimate establishment.  The money balance sheets, launderers are very clever as some of them make their financial statements like fund flow statements in such a manner that it does not come to the notice … Read more

Why is Fraud Analytic Important?

    Why is Fraud Analytics Important? Why is Fraud Analytics Important? Irregular exchanges, substantial cash exchanges and mistaken bookkeeping articulations are exercises that may create a risk to a company.  Regardless of whether found as a major aspect of a yearly financial audit or by concerned employees, these exercises may be sufficient to trigger … Read more

Company Fraud Definition

Company Fraud Definition What is company fraud is a matter of concern for every company. Now it is important to first understand what is company fraud.  Frauds world over, are incredibly unsafe bets the corporate executives or employees for an assortment of benefit-augmenting intentions empowered by poor corporate governance mechanisms.   With the turn of the … Read more