Management Vs Financial Accounting

  Management Accounting vs. Finance Accounting Both the terms Financial Accounting and Management Accounting are a very important part of our accounting system and still serve entirely different purposes for an enterprise.  Financial accounting is very useful for owners, shareholders, investors, creditors, employees, financial institutions and tax authorities.   Balance sheets and Cash Flow Statements … Read more

What is Investment for Example

  Overview One of your planning objectives might be to have additional money that isn’t gone through during the month.  You might aggregate this additional money to spend on something important inside the year without straying into the red – for things like other furnishings or devices.  For this, you need to amass your money in an … Read more

What is Goodwill on Balance Sheet

What is Goodwill on Balance Sheet

Explain What is Balance Sheet Assets and Liabilities  Overview What is goodwill on the balance sheet is of utmost importance to help investors make their investment decisions by analysing the assets and liabilities of the company. A balance sheet is the most important part of accounting. It is very useful for management. creditors and investors … Read more

Is Profit the Same as Cash Flow?

Overview  One of the biggest challenges facing an entrepreneur is the management of cash flow. It’s never easy to get an accurate estimate of when your customers will pay. On the other hand, when payments will be received is difficult to guess.  Business owners spend too much time handling cash flow and ensuring that they … Read more

What is Best Debt to Equity Ratio?-Defination, Types

Overview  To know equity in detail you will have to understand how to calculate debt-to-equity ratio examples. There is a difference between the value of equity property and the liabilities of something owned.   Assets are investments and ownership in your business, such as computers, office equipment, vehicles, etc. Liabilities are things that your business should pay, such as … Read more

IFRS meaning and importance – Features and Role

  Overview  To understand what is IFRS we will first have to know who Issues International Financial Reporting Standards.  The present global business scenario requires equal accounting policies and procedures accepted by investors, stakeholders, individuals, businesses, and industries worldwide.    To worldwide importance of IFRS, we first have to know what are the main objectives … Read more