Types of Audit Sampling

  Types of Audit Sampling The audit is the most critical function for any business to ascertain the reliability of its financial statements and other documents. Thus, most companies, whether small or big, get their financial statements and other activities audited by certified accountants or accounting firms.  The audited accounts create confidence in the investors, … Read more

what are the benefits of an audit?

what are the benefits of an audit?

what are the benefits of an audit?  What may be an audit is a matter of concern for a long ago. Different writers have given different definitions notably those that specialize in audits, books, vouchers and monetary transactions. As per the rules, an audit is an organised examination and evaluation of financial data. With regards … Read more

What are the three types of audit?

What is Audit – Types of Audit An audit is a method of efficient and freedom review and examination of Financial Statements (Balance sheets),  Management Accounts, Management Reports, Accounting Records, Operational Reports, Revenues Reports, Expenses Reports and so on.  The consequence of the review and examination will be accounted for by the investors of the … Read more

What is Quality Audit Process? – Advantages, Types

What is the Quality Audit process? To know quality audit meaning plays an important role in an organization first we should understand the true meaning of quality audit. The quality audit can be conducted either by internal auditors or external auditors.  The external audit is conducted by outside audit agencies and is more expensive whereas … Read more