Resume for Tax Accountant

Overview  Tax accountant’s duties and responsibilities are to apply local and federal laws, rules and regulations tax accountants must be specialists in rules, regulations and statutes.  Tax accountants provide both individual and company tax-related services including periodical filing of tax returns to the concerned tax authorities. Tax Accountant Importance in Business – Resume Tax accountant … Read more

Company Fraud Definition

Company Fraud Definition What is company fraud is a matter of concern for every company. Now it is important to first understand what is company fraud.  Frauds world over, are incredibly unsafe bets the corporate executives or employees for an assortment of benefit-augmenting intentions empowered by poor corporate governance mechanisms.   With the turn of the … Read more

What type of account is tax?

Overview Tax accountants are responsible for fulfilling all tax-related requirements and preparing tax returns for the concerned government departments and tax authorities, however, this by itself doesn’t uncover the wide scope of services they give.  The speciality district of tax accounting incorporates administrations that keep running from the essential status of individual returns to significantly … Read more

Define Overhead in Cost Accounting

  OVERVIEW  Before we define cost accounting with examples it is quite necessary to know in detail what is cost, and the applicable method of costing in different businesses. For that, we should know that cost accounting can be a genuine drag.   You don’t see prompt outcomes, and the push to hit the nail … Read more

Is Profit the Same as Cash Flow?

Overview  One of the biggest challenges facing an entrepreneur is the management of cash flow. It’s never easy to get an accurate estimate of when your customers will pay. On the other hand, when payments will be received is difficult to guess.  Business owners spend too much time handling cash flow and ensuring that they … Read more

What is Best Debt to Equity Ratio?-Defination, Types

Overview  To know equity in detail you will have to understand how to calculate debt-to-equity ratio examples. There is a difference between the value of equity property and the liabilities of something owned.   Assets are investments and ownership in your business, such as computers, office equipment, vehicles, etc. Liabilities are things that your business should pay, such as … Read more

What is Quality Audit Process? – Advantages, Types

What is the Quality Audit process? To know quality audit meaning plays an important role in an organization first we should understand the true meaning of quality audit. The quality audit can be conducted either by internal auditors or external auditors.  The external audit is conducted by outside audit agencies and is more expensive whereas … Read more

IFRS meaning and importance – Features and Role

  Overview  To understand what is IFRS we will first have to know who Issues International Financial Reporting Standards.  The present global business scenario requires equal accounting policies and procedures accepted by investors, stakeholders, individuals, businesses, and industries worldwide.    To worldwide importance of IFRS, we first have to know what are the main objectives … Read more